A retreat for yourself, just to relax?

Does pain or restricted movement keep you from living the life you want?

Sports injuries, household accidents, repetitive actions on the job and tension from everyday stresses can all cause problems that too often take up permanent residence in our body.

Who should receive Massage?

  People who are committed to their     health and well being

  People in acute pain

  People being treated for specific injury

  People who like to be pampered

  People in high stress jobs - physical and     emotional

  Athletes who want to increase     performance and reduce likelihood of     injury

The Center for Muscular Therapy is owned and operated by Laurie A. Arena, Licensed Massage Therapist. Laurie is a graduate of the Muscular Therapy Institue (MTI) in Cambridge, MA which provides extensive training in the Ben Benjamin style of muscular therapy.

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Our Menu offers:

Stress reduction
Pain Relief / Injury Work
Hot Stone Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

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You can benefit in a number of ways by adding massage to your life.

Therapeutic massage helps relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress. Your muscles become relaxed and your whole outlook on life can change.

On your first session, you will arrive a few minutes early and fill out a brief health history, which helps to design a treatment that is specific to your needs. The massage takes place in a private room with a quiet atmosphere and music.

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